Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Living Life as You Always Dreamed

Living Life as You Always Dreamed

Book explaining ways to enhance relationships, improve leadership skills and increase positive outcomes

(PRWEB) May 15, 2002

In reading this book, youÂ’ll be able to identify, minimize and even eliminate your distractions resulting in a healthier relationship with yourself and with others. The goal is to remove those distractions and to allow you to have a more joyful, peaceful and loving focus on your path in life.

It all begins with you. In this book you will learn how to live a more fulfilling lifestyle with the ability to recognize and minimize your distractions. The ability to recognize your distractions, to evolve through self-awareness and the process of letting go, will enable you to approach life and relationships in a more balanced and loving way.

Distractions are defined as insecurities, fears, or self-induced limitations, negativity, powerless words and actions, judging oneself and others, time wasters and obstacles perceived as problems. Distractions come from within our self-perceptions and are evidenced in the way we feel about ourselves. Whatever you focus on long enough, becomes your reality. Your perceptions and misconceptions about things, people and experiences, can cause reactions and projections onto others. Those very perceptions and misconceptions, if allowed, can become "distractions".

Distractions also come from others and through our experiences. Distractions hinder or hold us back from having a healthy whole relationship with ourselves. They also can keep us from being able to have whole and healthy relationships with others. We are what we believe, what we think about and stay focused on. To have healthy whole relationships, it is necessary to 'let go' of energy draining perceptions, and live life from a healthier personal belief system. Whole relationships start with thinking the right thoughts and nurturing oneself in a healthy manner.

As you read this book you will learn how to minimize the impact of these distractions as you develop yourself as a self-directed leader. There are 4 components of a self-directed leader, one being having a healthy self-belief system. Having a healthy "belief system", is the first step in the development of a self-directed leader. Having a healthy set of personal beliefs (a belief system) enables us to constantly adjust our course, so that our life has meaning and we feel the satisfaction of having contributed something to the world instead of having taken something away from it.

The other components of a self-directed leader are positive focus, positive thinking and enhancement of skills. As a self-directed leader, you are more effective in the process of evaluating and interpreting the merits of your own and otherÂ’s perceptions and thoughts. Through this process of learning, you are better able to respond in love rather than react in fear.