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Scientific Breakthrough: Doctors Say New Substance May Relieve Depression, Anxiety And Stress For Millions

Scientific Breakthrough: Doctors Say New Substance May Relieve Depression, Anxiety And Stress For Millions.

This is a Breakthrough of a natural substance, now used by various leading doctors to counteract depression, stress & anxiety. So effective that many doctors believe it will replace PROZAC.

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Scientific Breakthrough: Doctors Say New Substance May Relieve Depression, Anxiety And Stress For Millions.

Over 150 million Americans will suffer from a major depressive episode, anxiety or stress this year alone. All that suffering may be completely unnecessary; thanks to a well kept Russian secret.

 Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, former Senior Scientist at the Russian Academy of Science, along with his associates in New York, have extracted a substance that comes from a plant found in the Georgian Republic of the former USSR. This natural plant chemical is widely used in Eastern Europe & Russia to treat depression, anxiety and stress and is currently receiving attention here in the United States.

Why? Because 80% of all illnesses can be traced to stress! The current over use of medications like Prozac, with known & unknown side effects, has caused public alarm and created a need for a safe & effective alternative. So what are the doctors saying?

Noted Psychiatrist, Psychopharmacologist, International Author & Lecturer Dr. Richard Brown of New York, has found this new substance so effective that he recommends it to his patients and supports it in his lectures and published papers. Doctor Brown isnÂ’t alone; over 300 prominent physicians can attest to its effectiveness.

 Dr. Richard Brown reports “Overall I see it as a remarkable breakthrough which can help in delaying aging and reducing the effects of stress upon us which accumulate with aging...Furthermore, it improves mental functions, not just memory, but abstraction capacity, reaction time, and is an overall mental stimulantÂ…It has been extremely well tolerated, even in patients in their ninetiesÂ…I feel this is an inexpensive and time proven herbal supplement for this purpose.”

 What is this new find? Rosavin. Rosavin is a phytochemical that comes from a plant called Rhodiola rosea, which grows high up in the mountainous regions of Siberia and the Georgian Republic of Russia. It has a legendary history for increasing health and longevity from generation to generation. The Georgians say that if a person drinks a tea made from Rhodiola rosea they will live more than 100 years. This Russian secret has over thirty years of intensive, well-documented, clinical trials and 300 years of history. The phytochemical, Rosavin, enables your body to cope with or adapt to a variety of stresses without adverse side effects.

Could this be a natural answer for safe & effective stress relief here in America? Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Zakir Ramazanov say, “YES.” Not only is it safe & effective for stress, anxiety & depression, which could lead to a more resilient America, but those who have tried it are surprised at some of Rosavin’s other benefits, such as greater stamina, weight loss, improved memory & attention span.

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