Monday, April 4, 2005

First BioDiesel Station Opens in New Hampshire

First BioDiesel Station Opens in New Hampshire

– World Energy Teams-Up With Global E To Open Up New Biodiesel Station -

Chelsea, Mass (PRWEB) December 4, 2003

World Energy Alternatives, LLC, the leading supplier of biodiesel, biodiesel blends and other biofuels today announced the opening of New HampshireÂ’s first biodiesel station.

Global E will be supplying World Energy Biodiesel to FlemingÂ’s Shell Convenience Store located at 99B Route 9, West Chesterfield, NH. FlemingÂ’s will be offering the public B20, or a 20% blend of biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is a clean burning, renewable fuel that is made from renewable sources such as soybean oil, grown in the United States.

In addition to its renewable content, biodiesel also significantly reduces emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released a comprehensive technical report of biodiesel emissions data that shows the exhaust emissions of particulate matter from pure

Biodiesel are about 47 percent lower than overall particulate matter emissions from diesel.

Breathing particulate has been shown to be a human health hazard. Biodiesel emissions also reduce by 80 to 90 percent potential cancer causing compounds called Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and nitrated PAH. Biodiesel also reduces emissions of total unburned

Hydrocarbons, a contributing factor to smog and ozone, by about 68 percent.

“For the end user, biodiesel has more than just emissions benefits including the fact that it has higher lubricity than standard petroleum diesel. This can help engines run longer and smoother. These biodiesel benefits can be a product differentiator for retailers, helping to drive more business through the door,” said Rick Fleming, president of Fleming Oil.

The biodiesel market has doubled in size year over year and this year is expected to top 20 million gallons of B100 sold. Today, there are over 150 retail stations nation-wide with more becoming operational every month. “With the help of key distributors like Global E Industries, World Energy will continue to grow the biodiesel market, including the development of more retail sites like the ones in New Hampshire” said Gene Gebolys, president of World Energy.

About World Energy Alternatives

World Energy Alternatives, LLC is the nationÂ’s leading supplier of biodiesel, biodiesel blends and other biofuels. With offices in California, Texas and Massachusetts, along with production capabilities throughout the country, World Energy is a driving force behind America's commercialization of new bioenergy. Through its nation-wide network of leading fuel distributors, World Energy offers the most broadly accessible, highest quality, control-blended biofuel products available anywhere throughout the nation. Customers include the U. S. Military, the U. S. Postal Service, large commercial operations and hundreds of federal, state and local governments. For more information, please contact us at 617.889.7300 or visit us on the Web at www. worldenergy. net.

About Global E Industries

Global E Industries, Ltd. was formed in 2002 by four members of the Sustainable Valley Group. We seek to be of service by bringing to our area the many benefits of using renewable biomass fuels. By building our market and paying as we go we intend to become the major distributor and promoter of Biomass and renewable fuels in our region.

Our storefront and shop in Cavendish, Vermont is 100% powered by renewable energy. We offer pellet heaters and furnaces, wood heaters and waste oil burners and boilers. We are starting to accept orders for Biodiesel blends for home heating for this coming season. We are proud of the support shown to our bootstrapped beginnings and we aim to reward our customers with the lowest prices we can provide.

About Fleming Oil Company

Fleming Oil Company was founded in 1930. Fleming provides quality Shell and Mobil gasoline and diesel products through its retail convenience stores located in Vermont and New Hampshire. The site in West Chesterfield, NH is the companyÂ’s first to offer retail biodiesel to the general public.

Fleming also provides residential and commercial heating fuel in the Brattleboro and Bellows Falls VT and Alstead, NH area. Complete plumbing and heating service is available to all of our heating customers. Please visit our web site at flemoil. com for more information.