Saturday, June 18, 2005

Highly Effective Assessment of Emotional Intelligence Assists Coaches, Trainers and HR Professionals in Development, Training and Hiring with EQ

Highly Effective Assessment of Emotional Intelligence Assists Coaches, Trainers and HR Professionals in Development, Training and Hiring with EQ

The only test of Six Seconds EQ-in-Action model, the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Test (SEI) predicts 54% of key performance outcomes. A learning-filled certification training equips coaches, trainers, and HR professionals to use this outstanding tool - October 17-18 near San Francisco, November 10-11 in Italy, and November 14-15 in Singapore.

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2005

The only test measuring the Six Seconds model of emotional intelligence, the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Test (SEI) focuses on eight key skills for leadership and life. The SEI provides invaluable insight for trainers, coaches, educators, and HR professionals because the test is reliable, predicts important outcomes, and is easy to understand and to use in training and development.

New research shows that the SEI predicts 54.79% of important performance indicators that are critical to success in work and life (stepwise regression analysis against self-reported outcomes, n-665).

The SEI accounts for a large part of the difference between low and high scores on the performance assessment – predicting the following outcomes:

 Health  25.13% Relationship Quality  31.68% Quality of Life  43.54% Personal Effectiveness 50.11%

The SEI also features an extensive report with over 20 pages of interpretation and development strategy. Report co-authors Anabel Jensen, Ph. D., and Joshua Freedman are world leaders in emotional intelligence education; they are among a small handful of people in the world with a proven track record of assisting individuals and organizations to develop and apply emotional intelligence. Jensen, Freedman, and the rest of the Six Seconds team have led emotional intelligence training on five continents for hundreds of professionals, establishing the most extensive and effective network of emotional intelligence practitioners in the world.

HR Professionals, coaches, and trainers have access to the SEI through a practical and engaging 2-day Certification training. The course provides a solid grounding in the Six Seconds model and using the test in development and coaching. Test authors Joshua Freedman and Massimilano Ghini conduct the course. The schedule of training is listed on http://www.6seconds. org/training (http://www.6seconds. org/training) -- upcoming courses are October 17-18 near San Francisco, November 10-11 in Italy (in Italian), and November 14-15 in Singapore.

Freedman is a world leading authority on developing and applying emotional intelligence. Director of Programs for Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, the preeminent international EQ advocacy organization, Freedman delivers transformational learning programs around the world.

Ghini is a professor of business at the University of Bologna and the President of Six Seconds Italia. He is the pioneering voice for emotional intelligence in Italy, bringing the concept to business and sports leaders.

Unlike typical certification, the SEI courses are meaningful, in-depth discussions with real experts. Usha Gowri, CEO of Mindmelds Bangalore identifies the value of the Certification training: “The learning was enormous, both in terms of its application value, in the vastness of the knowledge gained and thoroughness with which it was conducted. The in-depth discussions proved the real mastery of the facilitators in the theory and teaching of emotional intelligence."

The power of the SEI is its link to the Six Seconds EQ model, an in-depth, simple, and highly effective tool for putting emotional intelligence in action. Developed in 1997, and based on over 35 years of proven experience teaching social and emotional competencies, the model encapsulates leading thinking on using feelings effectively. Wendy Wu, General Manager of China’s New Leaders International calls the SEI “the most effective and sustainable way to build emotional competency and leadership influence."

Six SecondsÂ’ model, used by many of the worldÂ’s best emotional intelligence trainers, coaches, and educators, focuses on putting EQ into action. The premise is that to make optimal, relationship-enhancing decisions, a person will reflect, choose, and respond with care. The skills are divided into three key principles:

1. Know Yourself is using self-awareness to increase insight and clarity (versus “putting your head in the sand”).

2. Choose Yourself is managing reactions and emotions so your actions follow your intentions (versus running on “autopilot”).

3.Give Yourself is using the powerful feelings connected with purpose to create emotional wisdom and strengthen personal power (versus “blowing with the wind”).

There are eight key competencies that allow someone to effectively follow the three principles. They include developing emotional literacy, managing (called "navigating") emotions, and empathy.

Participants in the Certification training will learn to deliver, interpret, and debrief the SEI and to:

Use a clear, actionable model for applying emotional intelligence. Present the SEI and the Six SecondsÂ’ model of EQ. Apply the SEI in coaching, development, and selection. Design a SEI PPDP (personal and professional development plan). Develop your own emotional intelligence.

The Six Seconds EQ Network respected worldwide for practical, in-depth, and authentic training and development. Information on the SEI certification is online at http://www.6seconds. org/training/sei. html (http://www.6seconds. org/training/sei. html)