Thursday, September 1, 2005

YourCity. MD Announces One-Click Relief Center, New Medical Search Engine

YourCity. MD Announces One-Click Relief Center, New Medical Search Engine

YourCity. MD LLC (www. YourCity. MD), healthcare’s local, city-specific navigation system serving over 500 city and state. MD health sites, today announced its new medical search engine, the One-Click Relief Center™. At the very moment a consumer needs to make a healthcare decision, the One-Click Relief Center™ matches medical information with a listing of local doctors and specialists who can treat their symptom/concern/condition, along with doctor ratings and a listing of locally-available services and products.

CINCINNATI (PRWEB) October 20, 2008

To see how the Relief Center™ works, go to www. Cincinnati. MD or any one of YourCity. MD's 500 city or state. MD sites, and type in a symptom or condition in the search box. For a full listing of. MD city and states, go to www. yourcity. md/yourcity/allcities. aspx (http://www. yourcity. md/yourcity/allcities. aspx).

For example, a young parent searching for information on influenza on Cincinnati. MD, would not only receive a listing of flu information, but local Cincinnati pediatricians (listed in order of patient ratings) and local flu resources, such as nearby flu shot clinics and products.

"We understand that consumers are interested in accurate and timely online health information, and our One-Click Relief Center is the only engine that links medical information to local resources, doctors and products to help patients get immediate help without the need for further searching," said Joe Benza, founder and CEO of YourCity. MD. "We also give local and regional healthcare providers and retail clinics a way to reach consumers seeking their services."

In response to three major developments in healthcare – consumer-directed healthcare, online health resources and retail health clinics – YourCity. MD's One-Click Relief Center™ search engine delivers a one-click "search and find" feature so that every consumer, no matter where they live, can instantly get the same quality health information and access to local and regional healthcare resources and providers.

"We've seen doctor ratings take off, but that has been happening in a vacuum. Some analysts have described our search engine as 'find a doctor on steroids' since we link up the search for health information to specific local doctors and then, with the same search, give consumers a look at patient feedback on those same doctors," said Dr. Michael Barber, chief medical officer at YourCity. MD.

"Our new, unprecedented medical search engine further strengthens YourCity. MD's local and regional healthcare business model, bringing value to local media partners and businesses who want to reach online healthcare consumers that seek health and wellness services in their specific city, state or regional markets," said Benza. "We not only own the best real estate corners on the Internet, but are just starting to build the first healthcare skyscrapers in those spaces."

About YourCity. MD

Founded on the principle that healthcare is and should be local, YourCity. MD LLC is healthcare's trusted local navigation system, helping consumers in over 500 cities and states find medical content and information that points them directly to the appropriate local healthcare resource or local provider to solve a medical problem. Easy to find with its city-specific domain names with the. MD extension, YourCity. MD helps consumers immediately translate medical content into actionable information. For more information, affiliate or partnership opportunities, visit www. YourCity. MD or type in your local city name with the new. MD TLD Internet extension and click the contact us link at the bottom of any page.