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Bulk Organic Foods at OrganicKingdom. com

Bulk Organic Foods at OrganicKingdom. com

OrganicKingdom. com, one of the leading health food distributors of Organic Food Online offers discounted prices for bulk and case quantity purchases.

(PRWEB) October 25, 2004

OrganicKingdom. com, a leading distributor of strictly organic foods, today announced that most of the 600 plus organic products are now available at discounted rates for bulk or case quantity purchases.

OrganicKingdom. com has been distributing organic foods to every state in the U. S. and many other countries for almost 3 years. The advantage that Organic Kingdom (http://www. OrganicKingdom. com (http://www. OrganicKingdom. com)) has over other health food distributors is that all of their products are organic. Richard Webb, CEO, states, "There is a growing number of Organic Consumers who are purchasing only organic foods. When they shop online for organic products, they want to know they are going to get organic. By only offering organic foods, our hope is to not only benefit the customer, but also the organic industry."

Most health food related sites carry a combination of both organic and non organic foods. For example, http://www. MannaHarvest. net (http://www. MannaHarvest. net), which carries over 7000 health food products does carry an extensive line of both organic and non organic products. By offering only organic foods, Organic Kingdom has targeted a niche market and developed an extensive following of loyal customers.

According to Richard Webb, "We offer convenience and affordability to the organic consumer. Where else can you buy 5 lbs of Organic Rye Berries for $3.25? And, if the consumer prefers a 50 lb bag, they can choose a quantity of 10, and we will automatically give them a discount for the larger quantity and calculate the shipping for the heavier weight."

Organic Kingdom offers a large selection of organic grains and beans, organic herbs, organic flours, seeds, nuts, baking ingredients, beverages, cereals and much more. All of these products are certified organic and are made out of the highest quality ingredients.

About Organic Kingdom

Organic Kingdom is a distributor of natural organic foods in the U. S. and worldwide. Founded in 2002, Organic Kingdom is a privately held company based in Orem, UT. The company plans to offer an affiliate program in the near future for those wishing to earn revenues from the sale of organic foods. For more information on organic foods, please visit the companyÂ’s web site at http://www. OrganicKingdom. com (http://www. OrganicKingdom. com).