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Green Energy : Premium Natural SkinCare

Green Energy : Premium Natural SkinCare

Green Energy, was founded in 1993 by the generous Italy climate and soil. Green Energy ‘s objective was been to preserve traditional and history that represent the Italy and people. A Natural Tradition for Over 10 Years Green Energy means love –sun and beauty from the nature. Green Energy are natural, made with herbals and natural vitamins. No synthetic chemicals of any kind are ever used in the formulation of our products

(PRWEB) August 18, 2004

We are a woman-owned, woman-run company...

Green Energy love making products for women, and men! products are handmade in small batches. Handmade means we take time and care with every product and do not put quantity over quality the way most mass manufacturers do.


Green Energy formulas are excellent for sensitive skin, and are effective at keeping fine lines at bay, as well as keeping breakouts, dryness, and excessive oilyness in balance.

Socially Conscious... Environmentally Safe

Our natural products are safer for the environment because they don't introduce synthetic chemicals into the air, land or water. Products are packaged in recyclable (HDPE) plastic bottles, or boxed in recycled cardboard, and all our printed material is done on recycled paper.

We weave the ecological and animal protection issues throughout the daily life of the company. We support sustainable farming practices by sourcing organically-grown ingredients. We use our resources to promote respect and protection for wildlife, domestic animals, and the environment. Green Energy created ‘’Green Energy Africa ‘’ on develop and support people as well.

Green Energy Range :botanical range with hight quality ingredients, and has tremendous long-term benefits for the skins health and vitality.. These naturally fragranced skin and body care products are an absolute pleasure to use.

Green Energy is:

Comprehensive natural line specifically designed and each formulated to treat any type of skin problems.

Totally different ◘ Cost effective ◘ more affortable and therefore appealing to a different and-or younger market ◘ Natural: Created from organics herbs, flowers essential oils, natural vitamins and anti-oxidants ◘ hight quality active ingredients ◘ Uniquely presented ◘ Will have appeal to all market ◘ Patent Worldwide

Green Energy give you:

The wholesale price comparisation highlights one very big positive element that is the true value,

Comparisation Extremely Cost competitive