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SironaHealth Incorporates as a Medical Contact Center Company, Transitions IntelliCare Business

SironaHealth Incorporates as a Medical Contact Center Company, Transitions IntelliCare Business

Former employees of IntelliCare create SironaHealth to pick up where the 12 year old medical call center company left off. Utilizing the same team, technology, and infrastructure, SironaHealth has successfully transitioned IntelliCare's operations and book of business -- saving over 150 jobs.

South Portland, Maine (PRWEB) March 4, 2009

SironaHealth (http://www. sironahealth. com), Inc. announces its official launch as a national provider of medical call center (http://www. sironahealth. com) solutions, and the successful transition of IntelliCare's operations and book of business.

Adopting IntelliCare's core mission, SironaHealth will provide full service health call center and nurse advice line (http://www. sironahealth. com/products_services/24x7_nurse_line. php) programs to health plans, hospitals, physicians, and health management organizations nationwide. In addition to these core services, the company will continue to license IntelliView®--a medical call center software (http://www. sironahealth. com/products_services/software_licensing. php) platform designed specifically for healthcare call centers--to customers who wish to run their own tele-health programs.

SironaHealth employs more than 150 former IntelliCare employees--half of which are located in the company's home state of Maine.

"We utilize the very same team members, the very same technology, and the very same infrastructure that were employed at IntelliCare," says Jeff Forbes, president of SironaHealth, Inc. "This is a proven business model with a team that has experience building successful medical call center companies."

SironaHealth operates as an employee owned and managed company.

SironaHealth's distributed network of tele-nurses manage telephone-based triage and health information services to a broad range of healthcare organizations. The company's proprietary call center software is specifically designed to support distributed medical contact center operations.

About SironaHealth
SironaHealth is a URAC accredited medical contact center that works with health plans, hospitals, employers, and care managers to improve health and wellness in their patient populations. SironaHealth's tele-health programs reduce costs, improve customer loyalty, and integrate healthcare programs through: telephone triage (http://www. sironahealth. com/products_services/24x7_nurse_line. php) services, targeted outreach and engagement, physician referral services (http://www. sironahealth. com/products_services/physician_referral_services. php), class and event registration (http://www. sironahealth. com/products_services/class_registration_services. php) services, and health enabling technologies.

For more information about SironaHealth, please visit www. sironahealth. com.

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