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Talk Radio Move Over Talk Internet Has Arrived at WhatSay. com

Talk Radio Move Over Talk Internet Has Arrived at WhatSay. com

Speak your mind on hundreds of subjects like movies sports entertainment religion politics current events and other topics as often as you wish and without waiting on hold for hours.

(PRWEB) July 28, 2005

WhatSay. com is the latest and perhaps the best way for people with something to say to get their voice heard according to Scott Alliy President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. and creator of Findaseminar. com the worlds largest training search engine and now WhatSay. com the new opinion discussion and article submission website.

WhatSay. com allows ordinary citizens around the world the opportunity to create discussion threads and express their opinion on topics of interest to them including movies music sports books relationships family business politics religion healthcare current events and more than 300 hundred other categories with more categories being added daily.

Visitors to WhatSay. com can chime in on articles submitted by other authors with their views and opinions without the hassles of waiting hours on the phone for possibly fifteen seconds of fame and without worrying about whether their call will be accepted or their opinion will be heard.

WhatSay members who create a free account get access to a suite of products that allow them to submit and edit their posts as well as track their online activities for historical perspective. Members can also provide valuable feedback about articles posted on the site and their authors.

The website is moderated to insure that content is timely relevant and is formatted for all audiences and age levels.

To read and post articles and express your opinions please visit the opinion discussion and article website http://www. whatsay. com (http://www. whatsay. com).

About Us:

WhatSay. com is a product of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston based consulting firm and creator of Findaseminar. com AddPR. com PublicCompanyNews. com HoustonGolfDirectory. com VenueChooser. com JVDeals. com and WhatSay. com.

WhatSay. com is an opinion discussion and article submission website where users can add their own opinions in the form of articles and give their feedback and opinion to articles posted by other authors.


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Allied Internet Solutions Inc.


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