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ExtraQuest Corporation Announces its India Operations

ExtraQuest Corporation Announces its India Operations

ExtraQuest Corporation announces its India operations. Opens India Research & Database Operations Center in Mumbai.

Mumbai (PRWEB) January 17, 2006

ExtraQuest Corporation, USA a leading provider of expert database administration services to Fortune 500 companies across the globe today announced the starting of its India operations. The company launched its operations in India by setting up its India Research and Database Center in Mumbai which will act as a R&D development center and also provide support to clients across the globe, especially in the US.

Addressing the Indian media on the occasion of the launch, Venkat Devraj - Chairman and Chief Architect, ExtraQuest Corporation commented, ‘Today, any technology focused company, especially in the US cannot ignore the engineering and technical talent available in India, thus it is one of the foremost reasons for us to start our India operations. Being a young company and a path leader in the area of Database Administration technology and services, our India Research & Database Operations Center will focus primarily on autonomics product development and servicing our current clients.”

ExtraQuest Corporation, USA has invested over USD 3 million in its India operations with setting up of its India center in Navi Mumbai at the Mahape IT Park. For the year 2006, it plans to have a headcount of over 100 people, most of whom would be high end DBAs with over 7-10 years of industry experience preferably in the US markets. For the next two years the company intends to focus on the top two market segments – selling technology licenses for its autonomics product and offering outsourced DBA services. The company has recently appointed Sanjay Kshemkalyani as Technical Services Director for its India operations and he has relocated from the US for this new job responsibility.

Commenting on the launch of the India operations, Thor Culverhouse – President & CEO, ExtraQuest Corporation said, “We look forward to build ExtraQuest to a world class company for which the India operations will be strategic in nature. Our aim is to use the India operations and its superior engineering talent to build on an existing world class services and enterprise software business by leveraging our superior expertise and executing our vision of delivering increased efficiency and reliability of all database environments via task autonomics and analytics.”

ExtraQuest provides a platform for automating database administration by combining DBA standard operating procedures with high-end analytics -- this reduces the need for frequent human intervention and subsequent human error. The Company also uses this technology internally to provide expert database administration and related management services to a diverse range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies. Following a very structured process based on the Operations Maturity Model (OMM), ExtraQuest focuses on automating up to 85% of database administrators’ (DBAs) workload, and not just reacting to problem alerts based on existing monitoring tools; thus enabling companies to drive down annual database management costs by 30% to 60%.

ExtraQuest’s client base is mostly US-based and is spread across diverse industries including telecom, financial services, travel, entertainment, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, retail, media, technology, life sciences, education, energy, government and defense. Some of its clients include GEICO Insurance, Restoration Hardware, Media News Group, Carl Zeiss, Callaway Golf, Aetna, TQ3Navigant International and LowerMyBills. com.

About Database Administrators (DBAs)

Databases hold critical data for companies and require specialized IT experts called database administrators (DBAs) to manage them. The annual amount spent on database administration in the US alone exceeds $52 Bn. Worldwide, it exceeds $100 Bn. It was recently listed by the US Dept of Labor as the 6th fastest growing job function across all industries. Yet most corporations are not completely satisfied with the performance, scalability and stability of their databases. Millions of dollars are lost per hour when these databases go down due to sub-optimal management and human error.

About ExtraQuest (www. extraquest. com )

ExtraQuest helps companies achieve higher productivity and improved operational processes in their database environment. Through its unique technology, outsourced services, proven practices, and experience with Fortune 1000 companies, ExtraQuest offers clients an annual savings of 30-60%, identifies and eliminates process bottlenecks, and increases consistency and predictability of database performance, availability and scalability. Database administrative (DBA) task automation and database self-healing actions, coupled with high-level 24/7/365 service, frees up DBAs to be more strategic, helping achieve top line growth and cost savings.

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