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IQMax and MercuryMD Provides Mobile Solution Interoperability

IQMax and MercuryMD Provides Mobile Solution Interoperability

Mobile solutions converge to enhance clinicians productivity.

(PRWEB) February 23, 2004

IQMax, Inc. and MercuryMD, Inc. announced today at the HIMSS conference in Orlando, Florida, the interoperability of the IQSpeak® PDA dictation application and the MData® Enterprise System.

Utilizing MData's ActiveLaunch feature, contextual patient information is passed to IQSpeak directly from a patient's MData record allowing clinicians to dictate patient notes for delivery to the on premise dictation server or their transcription service while still in the context of that specific patient. This automation eliminates the redundant reciting of names, chart numbers, or other demographical information as all of this information is automatically attached in text form to the voice dictation.

“The convergence of these two leading mobile solutions will enhance the capture of patient encounter documentation resulting in improved physician’s productivity.” comments Paul Adkison, CEO of IQMax. “The collaborative effort between our two companies is a direct reflection of our mutual goals to provide “best of breed” mobile solutions that improve hospital and clinical workflow.”

Mobilizing Healthcare Solutions

IQMax has architected its solutions to provide the healthcare PDA user with reliable, robust and enterprise deployable applications. IQSpeak (dictation) and IQCharge (charge capture) provide high value and best in class performance when deployed in a wireless or wired environment. IQMax applications function on either Palm OS or Pocket PC PDAs interchangeably and provide functionality to meet HIPAA security compliance guidelines including point-to-point encryption.

About IQMax

Founded in 1999, IQMax Inc. develops software solutions that significantly increase the functionality and capabilities of mobile handheld technology. IQMax takes a simple tool, a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), and creates sophisticated functionality for medical clinicians. These solutions include dictation, charge capture, rounds and schedule lists, documents work flow and complementary web client applications. IQMax leverages expertise in the rapid and secure exchange of voice and data, software engineering, and business execution in the healthcare environment. IQMax is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. For more information visit: www. iqmax. com.

About MercuryMD

MercuryMD is a private, healthcare-focused software company that provides hospitals with mobile technology solutions to improve clinical workflow and operational efficiencies. MercuryMD’s MData® Enterprise System integrates hospital data and delivers patient information directly to clinicians’ handheld devices enabling them to have anytime access to current and comprehensive clinical data. For more information visit: www. mercurymd. com.


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