Saturday, April 19, 2008

The New Silver Solution

The New Silver Solution

The New Silver Solution is a supplement that you need to boost your immune system for the up coming Avian Flu.

(PRWEB) November 19, 2005

The NEW Solution® is a silver solution, that has a patented process of making the bacteria - killing - yet safe - small particles of silver. The NEW Solution® is the only patented silver product of this kind in the world today. The NEW Solution® is so effective at killing bacteria that even after being diluted to 1/200 of the original 10 ppm level, the NEW Solution® was still able to kill all the bacteria in raw river water in less than 20 minutes. The NEW Solution® has also been proven very safe to use. Even when tested at 200 times the normal adult dosage, the NEW Silver Solution® was found to be completely non-toxic. The NEW Silver Solution® is the only silver solution of this type on the market that has been proven both safe for use and very effective at killing bacteria.

Humanitarian Aid: The New Silver Solution is the only colloidal silver approved by an international health consortium as an antibiotic alternative, for use in its hospitals and water treatment units in Africa, South America, and Asia.

Patented: This is the only colloidal silver producer with a product so new and effective that it was deemed a new product, and therefore approved for patent by the United States Patent Agency. The New Silver Solution has the only two patent approvals on a colloidal silver product in the last 80 years. The patent has also been filed internationally, as well as specifically in Japan.

FDA: The New Silver Solution is the only colloidal silver product that has been able to be filed with the FDA for drug approval. The New Silver Solution has already received approval by the FDA to begin phase-two testing of the product. The New Silver Solution has been filed for use in both humans and pets.

Nutronix has the exclusive, worldwide marketing rights to 14 ppm New Silver Solution.