Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why Can’t Smart People Keep Their Mouths Shut, Susanna Theo Explains

Why Can’t Smart People Keep Their Mouths Shut, Susanna Theo Explains

General McChrystal canned in Afghanistan over comments; BP Oil head keeps foot in his mouth.

Washington, DC (Vocus) June 27, 2010

General Stanley McChrystal is relieved of his command of the war in Afghanistan 48 hours after inflammatory comments about his civilian bosses appeared in a Rolling Stone magazine profile. BP Oil chief executive Tony Hayward makes constant insensitive gaffes in the wake of the Gulf Oil spill, including being photographed going yachting during the crisis and telling a reporter that he “wants his life back.” Vice President Joe Biden tells the President that passage of health care legislation is “a big f***ing deal” and the off-color comment is picked up by nearby microphones.

McChrystal, Hayward and Biden join a long list of otherwise intelligent people who just can’t seem to stop talking, even when it gets them in trouble. Why do people have such a tough time holding their tongue?

Are these comments happening more frequently due to the advent of 24/7 media coverage? Are public figures more prone to speak off the cuff than in the past? Or, are these people just more likely to make inappropriate comments because they are so out of touch with everyday people?

Protocol and Etiquette Susanna Theo has answers, and they may surprise you. Susanna has earned the nickname “Civility Sue” for her hard work in what she calls “redefining civility for a new generation.” Ms. Theo has worked for over two decades with business and government leaders in helping them to craft their public persona and on and off the record comments. Her Virginia based Protocol and Etiquette Services covers everything from what to say and not to say to which fork to hold at a formal state dinner.

Talk with Susanna Theo about the very public missteps by McChrystal, Hayward, Biden and others, why they make such obvious errors in judgment and how YOU can keep from making similar mistakes in your business and personal life.

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