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Looking For the Way to Dramatically Reduce Your Health Insurance Expense? Health Savings Accounts

Looking For the Way to Dramatically Reduce Your Health Insurance Expense? Health Savings Accounts

The HSA is continuing to gain mommentum as the choice in health insurace coverage. Both Employers and Employees who take the time to understand the HSAs inner workings see only advantages. The cost savings alone will keep some companies from closing their doors. Insurance agents who do not put the HSA into their quiver of options will only wish they had.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 10, 2006

The HSA is taking America by storm. Don’t get left behind, the most conservative estimation of people who will be purchasing an HSA in the next five years is 70 Million.

Why is the HSA so popular? Take one look at the horizon, corporate giants are laying off huge numbers of employees, or going bankrupt because of the run away health care costs. There is hope on the horizon and it is coming in the high deductible insurance with Health Savings Accounts.

HSAs give the employee the same good coverage at a much reduced premium. In exchange the employee gives up the co-pay that was mostly being abused. After all no one needs to go to a Doctor when they have a cold, but if they had a $5 co-pay why not, you get out of work, go to the doc and it only costs you $5. But it just cost your employer $300.

The HSA eliminates this by giving the employee better options, The savings if allowed to grow, can be a retirement fund for the employee.

Health insurance agents should be looking strongly at the HSA and offer it to every client that they have, or they may find those clients jumping ship to the agent that did reveal the truth. www. hsahelp. net

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The HSA is one insurance product that people will want to hear about. It saves them money.

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HSASuccess. com

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