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Relationship Author to Speak at NCNWÂ’s Young WomenÂ’s Issues Forum

Relationship Author to Speak at NCNWÂ’s Young WomenÂ’s Issues Forum

Darryl James, author of "Bridging The Black Gender Gap," and author Kevin Powell to speak at the NCNW's Young Women's Issues Forum on Saturday, February 28 in Washington, DC. The authors will speak on the topic of the Black Gender Gap.

(PRWEB) February 27, 2004

Darryl James, author of "Bridging The Black Gender Gap," will be in Washington, D. C. on February 28, for the Third Annual Young WomenÂ’s Issues Forum, a production of the Greater Washington, D. C. Millennium Section of the National Council of Negro Women. James will join author Kevin Powell in a plenary discussion entitled, "Can You Help a Sistah Out: The Black Gender Gap," and will co-host a reception on Friday, February 27 at Republican Gardens.

Bridging The Black Gender Gap, Volume I is a new mini-book based on years of research and more than twenty discussions with men and women regarding the growing number of unmarried Black women conducted by author Darryl James (DetectiveÂ’s Affair & The Los Angeles Riots: Three Decades of Revolution). James, through Tenacious Entertainment, has also launched a national series of seminars and speaking engagements to initiate dialogue between men and women.

"The charge for each of us—men and women—is to begin to discuss the problems we both face, without expressing the fear and hatred that have been welling up inside of us," said James. "I want to facilitate healthy discussions with people who can provide qualified information and advice."

James said that many discussions are steeped in negativity because, in general, men and women are not communicating, and are making grave mistakes in the dating process. "Unfortunately, many people believe that a relationship is all about finding someone to give you what you want," said James. "A relationship is about an exchange of ideas and information, and the exchange of bits and pieces of each individual to form a sense of oneness."

Bridging The Black Gender Gap, Volume I also discusses conflicts between the sexes, while offering practical advice from qualified professionals. "My philosophy is that people usually have conflict because of the way that they process pain," said Angel L. Gaines, a relationship counselor who appears in the book. "Until they can pinpoint the way that they process pain, they will use band-aids as opposed to seeking the root cause of the pain. The mentality is that if I can convince myself that I donÂ’t want what I really want, then it doesnÂ’t hurt as much when I donÂ’t get it."

James recently received the 2004 Non-Fiction Award at the Seventh Annual Black History Month Book Fair and Conference in Chicago.

Published by Tenacious Books, Bridging The Black Gender Gap, Volume I is the first installment of a series and a much-needed contribution to the communication needed between men and women. For more information, call (310) 491-3363, or go to www. theblackgendergap. com.