Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Senator KerryÂ’s New Political Videogame

Senator KerryÂ’s New Political Videogame

Imagery Media has created a political stand game called “Citizen Kerry.” Here, you play as Senator John Kerry trying to collect falling icons to restore the past greatness of this country. The game takes place on the lawn of the White House and each icon represents a different issue, be it healthcare, the economy, defense, civil rights, the environment, or education.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 28, 2004

As you can see, the overwhelming polarization in political views have reached and encouraged creative minds to express their opinions. “We felt, as a young company, we had an opportunity as well as a responsibility to communicate our shared political beliefs. We've certainly made a game that endorses one candidate but we've tried to communicate our message with respect and a little humor, rather than throwing punches at the Bush campaign” expressed David Pietrandrea, the Art Director.

This game was created in response to the more negative and deceptive media produced during the run up to the election. Imagery Media has stated itself as a game-maker with purpose. (Imagerymedia. com specializes in video games and web training) The game also reflects the energy created by the political involvement weÂ’ve seen by the youth of this country. We all agree that it is compelling to see people discussing the issues and standing up for their personal beliefs. Imagery Media in its own creative way wants to contribute to an edifying dialogue.

Players can expect a fun interactive experience, as well as a simple and addictive game. Before any political point, Imagery Media has done well by creating a good game, one with great graphics and game-play log in at http://www. imagerymedia. com/kerrygame/ (http://www. imagerymedia. com/kerrygame/)