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Unicare Life and Health Insurance

Unicare Life and Health Insurance

Through innovative online plan management tools and many other resources as well as health care information, and services, Our Complete Choice Members can gain an understanding of the cost of health care services and can learn to proactively manage their health and healthcare finances. The consumer is actively involved in the choices and being informed and financially involved they have an incentive to spend their money wisely. They become their own advocated, demanding higher quality health care services and better value.

(PRWEB) October 26, 2004

We have found that most employers are facing a dilemma between balancing yet another year of double-digit health insurance cost increases with the need to remain competitive by meeting employee demand for choice.

Traditionally employees lack an understanding of their health care costs. According to a recent study about 63% of employees underestimate the cost of their health insurance plans. Another 69%overestimate how much they contribute, and another 57% are unsatisfied with their coverage.

That same study though showed that consumers are ready and willing to assume responsibility for their health care decisions. Therefore we have the Complete Choice Health fund, with four main components. One being the employer-funded Health Reimbursement Account(HRA) then the traditional PPO Plan, An intuitive, user-friendly web site that provides a collection of valuable plan management tools and health care information resources and finally Optional employee-funded accounts.

For more information on this or other plans that Unicare and the Policy Store provide please call toll-free 1866-526-9669 or visit www. policystore. com.

UNICARE serves approximately 1.7 million medical members and is the national operating subsidiary of WellPoint Health Networks Inc., one of the nationÂ’s largest publicly traded health care companies. WellPoint serves the health care needs of more than 14 million medical members and more than 44 million specialty members. WellPoint offers a broad spectrum of quality network-based health products including open access PPO, POS and hybrid products, HMO and specialty products. Specialty products include pharmacy benefit management, dental, utilization management, vision, mental health, life and disability insurance, long term care insurance, flexible spending accounts, COBRA administration, and Medicare supplements.

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