Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Your Own Sales Lead Generation Website

Your Own Sales Lead Generation Website

It took an Insurance Agent from Texas to put it all together....Everything you need to know to build a working sales lead generation website.

(PRWEB) July 17, 2003

Andy Jones, an Insurance agent from Dallas, TX has explained everything you need to know to start your own sales lead generation website.

An excerpt from his e-book:

"How were you taught to generate sales leads? I bet I can guess because the process has been the same for the past quarter century. Print ads, radio and TV ads, flyers, trade shows, referrals and networking groups – does that about cover it? At one point, I was advertising in 25 small town newspapers and I was happy to get 2 leads total per month for my Life and Health Insurance business. I was distributing 500 flyers per week and was happy to get 4 phone calls. I was spending the equivalent of 2 days every month at Chamber of Commerce and other networking meetings. Does this sound familiar? I sat down one day and took an inventory of the time and money I was investing versus the actual sales and I was shocked! Could it be possible I was spending $500 to generate 25 leads? It was. Was it true that I averaged 8 days per month meeting, standing around at trade shows and pounding the street handing out flyers? No wonder I was exhausted

 There had to be a better way. The first thing I did was ask everyone I met with for the next 30 days how they looked for the services I was attempting to sell. The Internet was always one or two on their list as was advice from family and co-workers. I made up my mind right then and there to concentrate on Internet sales lead generation."

Get complete details here: http://www.724leads. com (http://www.724leads. com)