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AP9 BusinessMax Gives Small Business Owners Tips on Promoting Their Offerings

AP9 BusinessMax Gives Small Business Owners Tips on Promoting Their Offerings

AP9 Business Max says, "Businesses can't survive on products and services alone."

Norwalk, CN (PRWEB) January 31, 2007

We've all heard the common Hollywood PR refrain that "There's no such thing as bad publicity." AP9 BusinessMax (http://www. businessmax-program. com/), a leading membership discount program for small business owners offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC, doesn't necessarily subscribe to that notion, but it does agree that the absence of promotion generally leads to an absence of sales, which can be a death knell for businesses of any size.

Small businesses tend to plow most of their budget into their products and services, in the hopes that a quality idea will lead to ever-increasing word-of-mouth and, with that, increased revenue. While optimizing a business's offerings is indeed a valid and valuable primary goal, a critical supporting goal should be promoting one's items and services to the widest audiences possible.

Obviously, the amount of advertising a business can do depends on the amount of money available to do so. However, AP9 Business Max (http://www. businessmax-program. com/BusinessMax_qanda. html) points out that promotions don't have to be expensive to be effective. Here are a few ways to maximize your efforts for less-than-maximum costs:

-- Think business first. Include your business name, logo and contact information on every communication you send, whether it's an e-mail, a letter, a press release, a bill, or a note to your child's teacher. The person who receives it may not need what you're selling, but someone in her family or circle of friends might.

-- Get involved in the community. From road races to blood drives, from charity walks to local bazaars, there are any number of activities that small businesses can sponsor, join, or support through volunteer work. Set up a booth at a town fair; stage a refreshment stand at a local race; volunteer to man the phones for a public television fund-raising drive. Then be sure to bring signage and business cards with you to get your company name in front of the community.

-- Cultivate positive relationships with everyone you do business with. If a client has just received public recognition, send them a letter of congratulations. If your contact at a supplier has just run into a spot of bad luck, send him a note of support. Goodwill generates goodwill, and people tend to remember and appreciate personal expressions of kindness.

-- Generate your own positive press. Send press releases to the local papers whenever you hire someone new, sign a new contract with a customer, expand your offerings, contribute to the community and more. Newspapers may not run every announcement you send, but each time they do, it's free advertising, and you can't get that if you don't spread the word about yourself.

Small business owners can take advantage of a wide variety of benefits that target their needs, including savings on office supplies, employee healthcare, professional development and more, available through AP9 BusinessMax.

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