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Healthcare Administrative Partners Announces Medical Coding Service

Healthcare Administrative Partners Announces Medical Coding Service

Healthcare Administrative Partners will offer its expert medical coding service as a standalone service. Previously the company only offered coding as part of its medical billing services.

Media, PA (PRWEB) December 19, 2010

Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP), a leading medical billing company (http://www. hapusa. com), today announced that it will offer its expert medical coding services (http://www. hapusa. com/medical-coding-services) to healthcare providers as a standalone service. Previously, the company only offered coding as part of its end-to-end medical billing services (http://www. hapusa. com/medical-billing-services).

As operating costs rise more rapidly than revenues, many healthcare providers are finding that they need to develop new strategies for delivering a healthy profit margin. The increasing complexity of the coding process has driven many providers to outsourcing. What they often find is that they can optimize revenue without compliance risk – while reducing administrative costs.

“With outsourcing, one of the real benefits is a well-defined coding process that provides operational and management reporting as well as feedback on documentation issues,” said Brian Effron, president of Healthcare Administrative Partners. That helps providers proactively improve the process and increase their chance of success.”

As most healthcare providers don’t have the infrastructure in-house to support accurate and compliant coding, their reimbursement can be adversely impacted. Outsourcing enables them to shift risk to an external organization while reducing administrative costs.

Healthcare Administrative Partners deploys certified specialist coders, supported by CODIA™, the company’s workflow management system. This proprietary system supports the overall coding process and coordinates the work among users. It uses a dynamic rules engine to support accurate coding using payer-specific guidelines. CODIA supports the overall billing process by making sure all services performed are processed for payment, all claims contain the required billing elements, and it monitors the process to ensure timely payment.

The company offers a free coding assessment to providers to ascertain the quality of their current coding practices. This assessment can often identify coding and documentation accuracy, trends and deficiencies that can result in lost revenue or compliance issues.

About HAP
Healthcare Administrative Partners (HAP) is a leading provider of revenue cycle outsourcing solutions for healthcare providers. The company delivers complete billing, coding, and practice management consulting to independent practices, academic practice plans and other healthcare providers. HAP cost-effectively addresses the growing need to manage the complex business issues related to the practice of medicine by delivering solutions that help providers optimize revenue, improve cash flow, control costs and minimize compliance risks. For more information, visit http://www. hapusa. com.

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