Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How To Go Green Guide Shows That Being Eco Friendly is Easy and Profitable

How To Go Green Guide Shows That Being Eco Friendly is Easy and Profitable

New eGuide promises to teach people how to go green even if they have never recycled before in their life. Going green is not only better for the environment but will in the long run actually save money, claims the guide.

Helsinki, Finland (PRWEB) October 2, 2009

Although "going green" is very trendy right now there are still many people who are doubtful about the climate change supposedly taking place. Others simply feel all this eco friendly stuff is unnecessary or even consider it one big scam. The new eBook How To Go Green sets out to show that, personal beliefs about climate change aside, going green is the smart thing to do.

An eco friendlier lifestyle will in the end both save the planet and save money, claims the guide.

For those who haven't kept up with the latest environmental studies, the How To Go Green guide will clearly explain things like global warming and climate change. But that is just the introduction. The real meat of this informational package has to do with practical things one can do in order to have less of an impact on the environment.

Small Green Changes

The How to Go Green guide does not propose making huge life-altering changes right off the bat. Or as it is put in the eBook:

"Nobody expects you to go from driving your car everyday to get your coffee through a drive-thru to suddenly standing on the side of the road protesting people who don't bring their own cups."

What the guide does propose however, is that many small eco friendly steps can go a long way - especially if many people are doing them. For example bringing a reusable bag when shopping, instead of always buying a new plastic one, does not in any way lessen quality of life nor is it expensive or particularly burdensome to do.

The guide then moves on to explaining how to implement many changes of this kind into daily life. Many different aspects are covered, such as.
Making the whole home more eco friendly - literally from the lawn up to the attic Going green as a family How to go green as an employee or a business owner What can be done to help the community to go green

Yes, the guide even contains a "battlefield tested" playbook for spreading the word about the green lifestyle - without instantly being labeled as some kind of tree-hugging, hippie activist.

The How To Go Green product is sold as an instant digital download, that include both a PDF and an audio book version of the main guide. For a limited time after the launch buyers also get special bonus reports on the subjects of alternative energy and on how to improve the mileage of ones current car.

The goal of this entire package is to paint a complete picture of how everyday people can change to an environmentally sustainable lifestyle today, while in the process actually save money and improve ones health.

More information about the How To Go Green product can be found at: http://www. how2gogreen. com (http://www. how2gogreen. com)