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SecureLife. com Offers the Right Life Insurance at the Right Price

SecureLife. com Offers the Right Life Insurance at the Right Price

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SecureLife. com Offers the Right Life Insurance at the Right Price

November 8, 1999 (INB) -- Most people don't think too much about life insurance; they just pay the bill and hope their coverage is sufficient for their loved ones' needs. New services from SecureLife http://www. securelife. com (http://www. securelife. com) make it easier for insurance consumers to get the right coverage at a reasonable price - up to 50% less than usual. The SecureLife term insurance shopping service offers free instant quotes from highly rated insurance companies, and new additions to the SecureLife site provide even better service and lower rates to consumers.

SecureLife has recently updated the underwriting guidelines on its website. "This allows the consumer to be better educated when selecting his or her rate class," says SecureLife president Steven P. Fishman. SecureLife's quoting engine provides rate quotes for Preferred Plus, Preferred and Standard rate classes. This variety of rate classes allows the consumer to receive a more accurate rate than the previous quote engine, Fishman says.

In addition to more accurate rates, an insurance calculator leads consumers through the process of determining how much life insurance they need, based on their income and assets, debts and expenses, and child support and college expenses. Once visitors have determined how much insurance they need, SecureLife's insurance quote feature provides them with price quotes customized for their circumstances.

The last months of 1999 are the perfect time to buy or change life insurance, according to Fishman. "Starting in the year 2000, Rule XXX will go into effect." What this means for consumers, Fishman says, is higher premiums and/or shorter term periods. "The 20 or 30 year level term may no longer be offered," he points out. This change will have the greatest effect on the healthiest of clients (Preferred Plus and Preferred), Fishman says, "because this large group of people already receives the lowest rates. In general, Rule XXX could raise long term rate premiums as much as 70-80%." By purchasing life insurance now, consumers can lock in low rates and long guarantee periods before the new rule takes effect.

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SecureLife is the life insurance branch of Fishman & Associates, an insurance firm based in Atlanta for over 25 years. For more information, or for life insurance quotes, visit