Monday, July 19, 2010

New Ways to Earn Extra Money on the Internet, Easy Work at Home Jobs and Home Based Business Opportunities

New Ways to Earn Extra Money on the Internet, Easy Work at Home Jobs and Home Based Business Opportunities

Since its inception in June, 2004, the fully automated, digital marketing system, titled The Golden Book of Proof, has generated nearly $5,000,000 in income for its users. Members of The Golden Book of Proof use this state of the art marketing techniques to market online financial and self-improvement education products (as well as the business opportunity), created by the company Golden Book, LLC. To view Golden Book of Proof in action visit www. golden-book-of-proof. com. Below you will find the reasons that have caused this system to virtually explode.

(PRWEB) October 25, 2004

The home-based business arena is exploding due to more and more people being laid off or just sick and tired of working forty hours a week for someone else and still not getting ahead. As a result, thousands of people are starting their own businesses daily. The biggest challenge is finding the “right” opportunity. There are thousands of home-based businesse opportunities and virtually all of them require some form of sales. This is one of the deterrents to many people seeking to work from home, because most people can‘t see themselves as a salesperson. In fact to many, the thought is down right frightening. One other challenge that people face is choosing a company with a compensation plan that is realistic. In most home businesses, the marketing plan is Multi-level marketing (MLM) and to make a good living ($5,000+ monthly) using an MLM system, the distributor needs to build an organization of thousands of people. This is a daunting task to the average individual.

The Golden Book of Proof eliminates the two biggest challenges that one has when faced with starting a home-based business. Number one, it does all of the selling for the user. It presents the product and opportunity to an interested prospect, so the distributor does not have to do it. It then invites the prospect to a live call where they can ask questions to some of the top leaders using the system. Once the system has done its job, the distributor simply helps the new business associate enroll and get started using The Golden Book of Proof. Number two, the compensation plan of Golden Book, LLC. (the company that The Golden Book has chosen to market for) is not MLM. For each sale that is made by The Golden Book System, the qualified director enjoys a healthy commission of $1,000 (qualifying only requires 2 training sales). With this revolutionary system, absolute beginners can start earning thousands of dollars weekly starting immediately. These two facts are what has fueled the success of the Golden Book system, and it is why this incredible, fully automated marketing system has already created nearly $5,000,000 in INCOME, not revenue, to the distributors that have been using it. You can view some very powerful testimonials from users of this system by following this link: http://golden-book-of-proof. com (http://golden-book-of-proof. com)

Now is an excellent time to get involved with the Golden Book of Proof. EPI is running an October special on qualifying as a director. For more Information visit Golden Book, LLC.Â’s website: http://golden-book-of-proof. com (http://golden-book-of-proof. com)

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