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Sales Assessment Test Beats Sales Aptitude Test or Sales Personality Test in Hiring Good Salespeople

Sales Assessment Test Beats Sales Aptitude Test or Sales Personality Test in Hiring Good Salespeople

Employers looking to hire a great salesperson, salesman or saleswoman can benefit from a real sales assessment test; better than a sales aptitude test or sales personality test; businesses can receive 10 free Sales Assessment Tests from Dan Joy, Inc.

Hollywood, FL (PRWEB) September 17, 2010

Employers seem to agree that hiring good sales people is one of the hardest things. So, how can an employer tell if a job applicant can really sell? This Sales Assessment Testing website can help. Businesses who wish to learn how to hire great sales reps, salesmen and saleswomen can receive 10 FREE Sales Assessment Tests from Dan Joy, Inc., as well as guidance on many related topics such as how to write an effective employment ad, the qualities of a good sales recruiter, traits and characteristics for a good sales person, etc., at http://www. danjoy. com/ (http://www. danjoy. com/)

Some old-style pre-hire sales aptitude tests or pre-employment sales personality tests try to disguise themselves as sales assessment tests, which they are really not. Those conventional sales personality tests or sales aptitude tests are often "blind" to the impact of a job applicant's sales experience, sales training and knowledge of sales techniques. The patent-pending JOY Tests (TM) of Total Sales Ability (TM) do not have that limitation, and can be used for pre employment testing and post hire evaluation of experienced sales professionals in many crucial areas of competency such as sales prospecting ability, sales presentation ability, sales closing ability, and much more.

It takes a different combination of sales abilities or sales competencies for acquiring new customers (a "sales hunter" role) versus maintaining and growing the existing accounts (a "sales farmer" role). Some salespeople are better at proactive aggressive selling (account acquisition), while others may be better at soft selling (account growth). The key is to try to match the salesperson to the role correctly when building a sales team.

Towards that end, Dan Joy, Inc. developed the powerful AccuDecide (TM) technology, and recently added it to all of its online sales assessment tests. The AccuDecide (TM) technology can help businesses hire the best salespeople or sales reps based on the type of sales landscape that they will be working in, namely, the nature of the products or services being sold, type of industry, price levels, degree of complexity, characteristics of the target market, and the type of sales role, e. g., a "soft selling" (key-account growth) role versus an "aggressive selling" (new account acquisition) role.

The powerful Dan JOY Tests (TM) can be used to test business development job applicants at different career stages, e. g., a frontline Salesperson (Non-manager) or a Sales Manager, Sales Director or VP of Sales & Marketing, for both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) sales scenarios. Businesses may administer a sales test online to evaluate their current sales executives for promotion, retention or training purposes as well. The same sales assessments may also be used for testing Manufacturer's Reps, Sales Engineers, Distributors, Franchisees, Franchise Owners, Franchise Operators and the sales people at different franchised locations.

Furthermore, the Dan JOY Sales Tests (TM) may be used by manufacturers, distributors, service companies, contracting firms, retailers, spas, health clubs, fitness centers, banks, etc., for recruiting salespeople, area managers and regional sales managers to sell a wide range of products or services such as club memberships, machinery, automobiles, real estate, office equipment, machine parts, advertising, insurance, medical devices, engineering solutions, pharmaceuticals, hospital equipment, business services, etc.

In the past, pre-hire sales assessments were used primarily by large companies. The affordable sales ability tests of Dan Joy, Inc. are now within the easy reach of small to mid-sized businesses, too. For a limited time only, employers in USA can receive 10 free sales assessment test units (Screening Tests) at http://www. danjoy. com/ (http://www. danjoy. com/)

About Dan Joy, Inc.

Dan Joy, Inc. is a socially responsible company, and donates at least twenty percent (20%) of its global revenues to help children in need, as well as to support other good social, community and humanitarian causes, and medical research worldwide.

The JOY Tests (TM) were invented by Mr. Dan Joy, CEO of Dan Joy, Inc., who is an acknowledged Sales & Marketing scientist. He has a five-year degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA in Marketing (GPA 4.0/4.0), many awards and honors, and over 21 years of multinational business development experience. Dan has made thousands of sales presentations and sales calls in several different countries, often outselling 3-5 of his immediate peers combined. He has also built and led high-performance sales teams.

Dan believes that his unique sales assessment tests serve the greater good, help make the Sales & Marketing profession stronger, lead to better compensation for the truly capable sales professionals, and help employers achieve their goals more effectively.

The patent-pending JOY Tests (TM) are the world's first tests of Total Sales Ability (TM), and go above and beyond the old-style sales aptitude tests and sales personality tests.

More information is available at: http://www. danjoy. com/ (http://www. danjoy. com/)

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