Friday, October 8, 2010

Hair Stylist Career Guide Launches on Spa Beauty Education

Hair Stylist Career Guide Launches on Spa Beauty Education

Spa Beauty Education provides students with an in-depth hair stylist career resource center to help prospective cosmetology students learn more about hair design opportunities and the versatility of the beauty industry.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 28, 2010 –

Spa Beauty Education, the Internet’s premier resource for spa, massage and beauty careers and degrees, now offers in-depth hair design career information. The Hair Stylist Schools and Career Guide (http://www. spabeautyed. com/career-center/hair-stylist/) provides prospective beauty school students insight into careers in the hair arts and the many opportunities in thegrowing spa and beauty industry.

The hair arts are a huge industry. Thousands of American households tune in to popular shows like Look-A-Like and Shear Genius; trendy fashions—from the runway to the red carpet—are splashed in Vogue and other high-fashion magazines; and blogs and entire fashion websites are devoted to hairstyle and the ever-changing beauty industry. Since the hair arts are so “cutting-edge,” it’s important for prospective hair design artists to do their research and discover the best education and hair styling career options to find their niche in this competitive industry.

The Hair Stylist Schools and Career Guide offers an excellent hair design career (http://www. spabeautyed. com/career-center/hair-stylist/) and school resource. The resource center includes a hair design career overview with salary and education information, explanations of the various hair styling careers (http://www. spabeautyed. com/career-center/hair-styling/)—from beauty and salon hair styling to photo shoot and film hair styling—in this versatile field, and insight into the everyday tasks and skills needed to be successful in hair design jobs (http://www. spabeautyed. com/career-center/hair-design/). Students can also get the Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Beauty School (http://www. spabeautyed. com/career-center/beauty-school/), learn about the hair arts of today, and discover why The Hair Design School (http://www. spabeautyed. com/career-center/hair-design-schools/), part of Empire Education Group, represents excellence in beauty school education.

“Hair design careers offer a world of opportunity, fashion intrigue and artistic expression,” says Dana Larsen, career researcher for Spa & Beauty Education. “But they’re also highly competitive and can be exhausting if you don’t find your perfect fit. It’s really important to get expert beauty school training in the specialty that interests you, and Spa Beauty Education’s Hair Stylist School and Resource Guide provides students with the information they need to get a successful start.”

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