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MyBlackBook. Org's Member Base Continues To Grow, As Over 2000 People Keep Track Of Their Sexual Health

MyBlackBook. Org's Member Base Continues To Grow, As Over 2000 People Keep Track Of Their Sexual Health

MyBlackBook, the Internet's first secure and confidential on-line sexual history tracker, now has over 2000 members that keep track of whom they've slept with, and continues to make people more aware of their sexual lifestyle by privately keeping track of their sexual history without fear of prying eyes.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 2, 2007

MyBlackBook (http://www. myblackbook. org (http://www. myblackbook. org)), the Internet's first secure and confidential on-line sexual history tracker continues to peak people's interest and curiosity by allowing them to manage their intimate relations online.

Seen as a "must have" tool to be used in conjunction with the online dating scene, more and more people are signing up for the free service, which now has over 2000 active members, to manage their intimate relations and lead a safe, healthy and disease-free sex life through education and assessment.

MyBlackBook enjoys a member base that extends from the college student to the professional entrepreneur, all with varying preferences and spanning an age range from 18 to 65. MyBlackBook is confidential and discreet, protecting the privacy and information of its users with advanced encryption standards such as AES, and all transmissions through MyBlackBook are aided by a 128-Bit SSL Secure Server, to protect privacy and the information passed from the user to the server.

The mission of MyBlackBook is to provide its members with a place to store their sexual history, partners, and experiences in a safe, secure and confidential place. MyBlackBook allows members to manage, update and lookup (http://www. myblackbook. org/entryLookup. aspx) their entries in an easy way - giving them the opportunity and ability to assess their sexual behavior and activity and, if desired, to make changes in their life.

One of the features that MyBlackBook offers to its members is the novel VDNote (http://www. myblackbook. org/VDNote. aspx) which has the ability to calculate the probability of obtaining several sexually-transmitted diseases, based on the prior sexual history of the user. The patent pending technology helps simplify the task of modifying sexual habits by actually computing the risks involved with having unprotected intercourse and other related attributes.

MyBlackBook also offers its members the ability to view statistics of their personal history in the form of real-time activity graphs, intimate partner reports and more. All of the features offered to its members are currently free to use and enable members to put all of their "black book" contents into perspective, giving them an at-a-glance view of whom they've slept with.

MyBlackBook, a free service offered by Resorb Networks, Inc (http://www. resorb. net (http://www. resorb. net)) debuted April 15, 2005, and has changed the way people view online dating, intimate relationships and sexuality by giving them the ability to make any necessary changes to stay healthy and disease free.

To learn more about (http://www. myblackbook. org/about. aspx) MyBlackBook, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (http://www. myblackbook. org/FAQ. aspx) or read about what this service's mission is - as well as contact information for MyBlackBook.

Resorb Networks, Inc. is a privately funded start-up located in New York that creates radical and never-before-seen applications for the web. Resorb Networks, Inc. designs and develops applications that enhance a web user's internet experience, pushing the boundaries of conventional web applications and services, taking the feedback and ideas received from customers and creating real solutions.

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