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PetsitUSA and Independent Pet Sitters Urge Pet Owners to be Aware of Summer Health Hazards

PetsitUSA and Independent Pet Sitters Urge Pet Owners to be Aware of Summer Health Hazards

PetsitUSA and professional pet sitters remind pet owners to be aware of dangers that may affect their pets during the summer months. Summertime pet hazards include such things as extreme heat, fireworks, lawn and garden products, and more. Pet owners who are aware of these dangers may be able to prevent accidents from happening.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 23, 2009

Because pet sitters interact with a large number of pets, they are familiar with a variety of summer dangers. They hear stories of cats, dogs and other pets that have suffered summertime mishaps because their owners are not aware of potential dangers, or have not considered taking measures to prevent them.

Simply knowing some of these dangers, and how to prevent them, may mean avoiding a costly and life threatening illness or injury for one's pet. Therefore, as advocates for pets, professional pet sitters offer the following reminders to help pet owners keep their pets safe during the summer months:
Keep the heat in mind -- It only takes a matter of minutes for a vehicle to become dangerously hot, even with the windows open This can cause heatstroke and even death for a cat, dog, or other pet. For this reason, pets should never be left alone in a parked vehicle. Pets that spend time outdoors should always have plenty of shade and water. Pets with health problems, dogs that are extremely active or engage in sporting events, and dogs with short snouts should be monitored closely and made to stop if they show any signs of distress. Fireworks fear -- Many pets are extremely fearful of fireworks. They often become lost after they bolt out of an open door or escape a fenced in area as they try to get way from the noise. Pet owners are encouraged to keep pets indoors for holidays such as the Fourth of July, when fireworks are common. If it is not possible for a pet owner to stay home with their pets on holidays when fireworks are used, hiring a pet sitter to check on them is suggested. Water safety -- It is a myth that all dogs know how to swim, but even those that are expert swimmers should be supervised when around pools and other bodies of water. When including dogs in water activities, such as boating, owners should consider using life jackets or other flotation devices designed for pets. Additionally, dogs should not be allowed to drink water from swimming pools, which contain harmful chlorine and other chemicals. Barbecue dangers -- While barbecues may be a fun summertime activity for people, they can be dangerous to pets. Pets should be kept away from barbecue grills, fires, charcoal, charcoal starter, and citronella candles, as well as food and alcohol. Lawn and garden products -- These can cause serious injury and even death if ingested or if they come in contact with a pet's fur or skin. Just a few of these hazardous products include cocoa mulch, fertilizer, pool chemicals, insecticides, and rodenticide. If products such as these must be used, pets should be kept away from the areas in which they are used.

Being aware of summertime hazards and taking steps to avoid them is often the best way to prevent possible illness or injury. Pet owners who suspect their pet is suffering from heatstroke, poison, or other health problem, should contact their veterinarian or local animal emergency center immediately.

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