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Love at First Bite! SLOW Eating Class, The Golden Fork, Returns Americans to Rediscover Food and to Enjoy Eating

Love at First Bite! SLOW Eating Class, The Golden Fork, Returns Americans to Rediscover Food and to Enjoy Eating

Americans are killing themselves with habits, such as, gobbling food, stress eating and very little chewing. Fast eating is destructive to the body and quality of life. The practice of mindful eating increases awareness about how and why one is eating and offers solutions to find peace with food and to love eating again.

Pittsburgh (PRWEB) January 7, 2010

Americans consume thousands of pounds of potato chips per year. The global potato chip market generates several billion dollars in the United States alone. Yet if you ever took the time to hold a potato chip in your hand, smell it, feel it and just touch your tongue to the end of it, you might eat a second one but not as many as usual. You can smell, feel and taste the grease and salt. 

“Potato chips are a big stress food.  You can easily eat half a bag within minutes and not realize it. Chips and other snack foods can be savored with 'mindful eating.'"  Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CHt, of MentalPerformances. com, a Pittsburgh based hypnotherapy service says, “A mindful eating approach creates no guilt or stomach upset."  

Carapellotti, a stress reduction expert, is dedicated to reconnecting people with slower and more conscious eating habits. Often referred to as “being mindful,” this approach transforms people’s relationship to food and eating, 

The practice of mindful eating is gaining ground across the nation. Mindfulness is about increasing awareness, being in the moment and can be applied to eating.

The first bite of food is generally delicious and tasty, however, each subsequent bite becomes less and less satisfying, especially when stress eating. Through mindfulness, the first bite "party-in-your-mouth" experience can offer a similar satisfaction with each bite.

"We have to eat,” says Sanna. “Sadly; eating has become painful and unsatisfying for many people. We pay a huge price for how we eat.”

A solution lies in increasing awareness. Carapellotti has developed The Golden Fork™ to engage clients in how and why they eat. The Golden Fork™ participants become enlightened eaters through hypnotic techniques, guided imagery and psychological acupressure and an extraordinary eating experience. Eating is a mind body event.

Sanna’s The Golden Fork™ sessions are not therapy-, nutrition-, or counseling-based, although changing one’s eating habits can be highly transformative.

The benefits of attending the Golden Fork™ :
Increase awareness of thoughts and emotions that trigger mindless eating. Discover how SLOW eating can ease digestive stress. Understand stress and mindless eating. Eat fewer calories without counting them. Realize the value of food cravings and what they mean. Savor food with all the senses eliminating rushed meals and unconscious snacking. The learning objectives of Golden Fork’s™ Five Step Solution of Mindful Eating Practices: 

Integrate on-the-spot stress reduction strategies to combat stress eating; Create optimal condition for mindful eating of food; Identify craving and how to “read” them; Reveal the process of eating, hunger and cultural influences; Experience Whole Body Mindful Eating Practices, including a Chocolate Meditation. “The Chocolate Meditation reintroduces you to chocolate - in a hypnotic state. You don’t taste chocolate after the first bite if you eat it for stress or PMS,” Sanna says that chocolate and all foods are like fine wine offering a multidimensional satisfying bodily adventure.

Those who should attend The Golden Fork seminars want to change their relationship with food and might be:

Over eaters Fast eaters who “inhale” their food without savoring Overanxious eaters Stress eaters who eat when angry, sad or upset; Failed dieters We are eating ourselves to death. 20% of our total calories are from snacks. Americans increase of calories increased from 1970 to 2000 by a whooping 24% or 530 calories per day.  Add that up every day for 365 days and that is a whooping 183,450 excess calories per year.  Mindful eating stops excessive food intake.

The Golden Fork, mindful eating seminars, returns Americans to the table with an awareness of what and how they are eating. 

=Class information

The Golden Fork™
Two Wednesdays, Jan. 20 and 27, 7:00 - 9:15 PM
St James Center, 
327 South Main St.
Pittsburgh, Pa. (West End)

Contact Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHT
Www. mentalperformances. com
129.00 for both sessions
Extraordinary eating experience to be served.
Food, Beverage and Mindful Eating Experience Included.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CHT, is a 25 year plus experienced therapist who has practiced with adults and children in the public and private settings. She received her Bachelors degree in Psychology from The Franciscan University of Steubenville and a Master degree in Educational Psychology from Duquesne University. Through classes, work experiences and supervision Sanna developed herself as an effective hypnotherapist working within a traditional clinical setting. Her final position, Director of Child Abuse Prevention Services and Treatment inspire her to explore other realms of healing. Sanna has furthered enhanced her therapeutic skills by becoming certified as an Alchemical and Medical Hypnotherapist and has helped hundreds of her clients improve their life through her “Mental Performances” techniques. She is also author of nine Guided Audio programs to improve health and performance, including her latest creation, THE GOLDEN FORK™ Visualization. For further information about Sanna please visit her website at http://mentalperformances. com (http://mentalperformances. com)
Or contact her at 412-344.2272.