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Geonetric November Webinar Double Feature

Geonetric November Webinar Double Feature

Cedar Rapids, IA (PRWEB) November 13, 2005

Geonetric, an industry leader in healthcare web solutions has announced a double feature for its November Webinar event. The double session includes a reprise to last month’s webinar on “Authenticity in Healthcare Marketing” due to the overwhelming response received. In addition, Geonetric is reporting the results of the July “eHealth Industry Initiatives” comprehensive survey.

The Authenticity in Healthcare Marketing Webinar will discuss how the new revolution in marketing is causing many organizations to realize traditional marketing techniques lack effectiveness to reach their audiences. Today, with access to cutting edge technology, there is the ability to use online channels to touch consumers in a new way.

The webinar will discuss the latest technologies and trends including:

-Online Health Blogs and how they can be used to enhance existing marketing efforts

-Ask the Expert Feature as a channel to connect patients and staff

-Video Testimonials including custom emails and filters to create a unique and relevant displays of information and services

This webinar will take place on both Wednesday, November 16th and Friday, November 18th at 2:00 pm Central Standard Time.

Geonetric's second webinar will cover the Comprehensive Industry Study on the Growth of eHealth Initiatives, comprised to capture the industry's current state and future plans for eHealth development. Surveying over 3,000 industry professionals, the data was correlated with Geonetric’s health consumer surveys (with over 7,000 responses) which will expose some eye-opening results. The presentation will also include a national benchmark and health consumer statistical comparisons.

The webinar will take place on both Monday, November 21st and Wednesday, November 30th at 2:00 Central Standard Time.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear Ben Dillon, VP of Strategic Services with Geonetric. A dynamic solutions consultant, Ben is skilled with over 9 years of business and technology expertise. He provides an unparalleled level of insight for organizations such as University of Iowa Health Care, Methodist Medical Center of Illinois, National Jewish Medical and Research Center, and Yale-New Haven Hospital

About Geonetric

A healthcare web technology company founded in 1999, Geonetric is focused exclusively on advancing the way hospitals interact and communicate with their markets. Through its products and services, Geonetric provides hospitals and health systems with the online tools necessary to increase patient satisfaction, improve patient/physician communications, generate direct revenue, and streamline internal processes - advancing the industry towards the goal of achieving complete eHealth.

To learn more, visit the Geonetric web site at http://www. geonetric. com (http://www. geonetric. com)