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New Canadian Headquarters in Northern Toronto Opened

New Canadian Headquarters in Northern Toronto Opened

National Detection Clinics Ltd. has completed the opening of its Canadian headquarters located in Northern Toronto, Ontario.

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) October 21, 2004

NQB: NADE or NDCLF): National Detection Clinics Ltd. has completed the opening of its Canadian headquarters located in Northern Toronto, Ontario. The new operations base will be used as main headquarters for all of our activities in Canada and Eastern Sea Board of the United States. The facility is just under 3,000 square feet in size and is sufficient at this time to manage existing expansion plans.

Canada was chosen mainly because of its progressive universal health care system and its positive attitude towards second tier health care providers, such as our facilities. Toronto, Canada's corporate capital and leading business address, is home to more nationally and internationally top-ranked companies than any other Canadian city. The city's business infrastructure makes modern business in Toronto seamless. In this era of inter-connected global business, Toronto, with one of the largest networks of fibre-optic cable of any North American city, has the technology and bandwidth to move information faster than the speed of modern business. Toronto's highly skilled, educated and multi-lingual workforce provides the knowledge and know-how to keep Toronto businesses ahead of the rest.

Due to the close proximity and similar demographics to our Rochester office, these other factors also greatly influenced our decision to continue our expansion plans into Canada:

The 2002 KPMG Report "Competitive Alternatives: A Comparison of Business Costs in North America, Europe and Japan" found Toronto to be at least 12.1 per cent more cost-effective than any of the other U. S. cities in the study Financial centre of Canada, 4th largest in North America, employing 176,000 in financial sector Home to 90 per cent of Canada's foreign banks, and its top accounting and mutual fund companies, and 80 per cent of Canada's largest R&D, law, advertising and high-tech firms Known as "Silicon Valley North" with seven of the top 10 information technology companies, including the Canadian headquarters and research centers of Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems North America's 3rd largest Stock Exchange by value traded More than 76,000 businesses generate a gross domestic product of $98 billion and employ over 1.3 million people 40 per cent of Canadian companies on Fortune's Global 500 are in Toronto The nation's largest employment centre, with one sixth of Canada's jobs, and strong employment in both manufacturing and service industries one third of Canada's population is located within 160 km radius of Toronto one half of the population of the United States is within one day's drive of Toronto. The 4th highest concentration of commercial software companies in the world, and one of North America's hottest animation centers. One of the best telecommunications networks in the world, with one of the highest percentage of fibre optic cable installed, and more wireless phones per capita, than anywhere in North America

The Company is introducing Early Detection Cancer Clinics to North America. Our clinics will use FDA approved Infra-red Thermal Imaging Technology. This non-invasive form of diagnosis determines structure changes in the tissues, leading to possible Early Detection.

Cautionary Statement: This press release contains certain forward looking statements. Forward looking statements, by their nature, carry associated risks, especially risks concerning the possibility that some or all events envisaged in such statements will not materialize in the future. The Company relies on litigation protection for forward looking statements.

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