Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Health Website, Patients Talking, Shows Great Promise

Health Website, Patients Talking, Shows Great Promise

Patients Talking, the new web site where you write a medical diary about any medical condition and read about others with similar conditions is worth looking at and is definitely something we need in the health industry on the internet.

(PRWEB) October 17, 2005

Set up by Soozi Rowbotham when she had a life threatening illness last year, Patients Talking opens up a new dimension to people who want to share their medical experiences.

Soozi felt alone and wanted to hear or read about someone who had her condition. To solve the problem, Soozi created a website where you write a confidential free diary about ANY medical condition and you then can read about others with similar experiences.

Soozi says "Patients Talking is designed for people to understand they are not alone and by writing down their own experiences and sharing them with others, this in itself is positive help. As the site continues to grow, I hope its global expansion will help thousands of people to understand further about their medical situation from others who share the same ailments".

Soozi has now chatted with eleven BBC Radio stations and the feeback has been superb. The medical industry has also welcomed this new website as it is not diagnotic and helps people get in touch with others which is very positive. The idea is obviously of global importance and as the word spreads, this site should help hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Patients Talking is new and obviously you may not find something written on your subject however, do write a diary and when someone does write about a subject, you will receive an email. It’s free, confidential and takes 30 seconds to sign up. This is a new health site worth watching!